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Prescription request form

This form is for existing clients of Pawly Understood who have a pet that meets the following criteria:

  • Is a client of Pawly Understood

  • Within the previous 12 months has had a consultation with a veterinarian at Pawly Understood

  • Has previously been prescribed medication and has depleted their repeats and/or requires another script

Once the form is complete you will be taken to a payment page. The following process then takes place:

  • Your request is submitted to the admin team to check it meets the above criteria

  • If the request is valid, it will be forwarded to your veterinarian and processed

  • At your request, the script will then be either:

    • Posted to your address so you can take it to your pharmacy; or​

    • Sent electronically to your pharmacy so it can be collected by you

  • If there are errors in the script request or information that needs verification, one of our admin team will be in touch

Prescription Request

For current patients of Pawly Understood

Medication Formulation:
Do you need repeats?
How urgently do you need this medication?
From where do you source this medicine?
Do you think the medication needs to be changed or adjusted?

Thanks for submitting!

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