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Council Dog Assessments
Dangerous, menacing and nuisance dogs

Control Orders can be issued by Councils if your dog is a nuisance and continually barks (Barking Order), is dangerous and has attacked, harassed or chased something (Dangerous Dog Order, Menacing Dog Order or Nuisance Dog Order).

A council may require you to seek specific training or have a behaviour assessment as part of the order. We have specific experience in dealing with these cases and can provide assistance. Please contact us to discuss your situation.

Pawly Understood has Dog and Cat Management Board approved trainers on staff.

A council order will come with various requirements that may include:

  • Have your dog desexed or microchipped.

  • Keep your dog under constant physical restraint in public.

  • Place your dog in a specified collar or muzzle.

  • Place warning signs on your property, or

  • Have your dog complete specified training.

  • Siezure or even euthanasia

In some cases the order may be excessive or not warranted. Often a council will request specific evidence or a qualified veterinarian opinion. We can assist in these circumstances. We can also help when training is mandated.

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