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Dog giving a high five

Fear-Free Training

Training methods matter. Whilst few people want to deliberately hurt their dog, the use of aversive training methods like choke collars, throwing chains, prong collars, electric collars and even throwing rolled up towels is widespread. Many 'practitioners' of this type of training will argue it works, however forcing dogs to submit because they want to avoid a negative experience is simply instilling fear and is ineffective. 

The science and evidence from around the world supporting positive-reinforcement dog training is now abundant. At Pawly Understood we do not tolerate mistreatment of animals disguised as 'training'. Our training team are all 'fear-free' qualified with accreditation from the Delta Institute or the Karen Pryor Academy.


Please click here to learn more about our amazing training team, and be sure to keep reading to learn more about Fear-Free Training and the services we provide.

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