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General Practice

A fear-free vet clinic experience for anxious pets.

Our team live to help anxious pets. If you dog, cat or other pet struggles with visits to the vet, we are here to ensure the fear, anxiety, stress and panic is managed holistically and thoroughly. Even if your pet loves the vet, we can be your local veterinarian for day to day out-patient (i.e. does not require hospitalisation) requirements!

We can provide:

  • General health check ups

  • Blood sample collection

  • Ear checks

  • Pain check ups and management plans

  • Vaccinations

  • Skin checks

  • Procedures requiring sedation or anaesthetic

  • Infection management

  • Any kind of GP service - please call to check

Think of us like a human GP clinic where you would go for non-life threatening or routine check ups.

We do not have hospital facilities. If your pet has serious injuries or requires surgery, please attend your nearest veterinary hospital.

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