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Our qualified and passionate team

Pawly Understood is a dedicated and passionate team of veterinary and pet training professionals. See below to learn more about our team members.


Dr. Elle Parker

BSc BVMS (Hons) MANZCVS (Behaviour)


Dr. Parker is a behaviour veterinarian. A qualified and experienced veterinarian who has completed further study in the field of animal behaviour 


"I help animal patients who have behaviour and psychological problems using scientific, up-to-date, evidence-based and ethical medical treatment.
I am dedicated to improving animal welfare and the human-animal bond through increasing education, understanding and intervention of mental health in pets."

Having always been fascinated by both psychology and animal behaviour, I naturally found my calling in the blossoming field of veterinary behaviour. I learned of the confronting reality of how commonly behaviour issues devastate the lives of pets and their families. I was struck by how fundamentally important but under-recognised this area of veterinary medicine was. So I launched into it and never looked back.

As a vet, I have a special interest and additional post-graduate qualifications in behaviour.
I graduated from Murdoch University in WA in 2010. I then undertook further study through the University of Sydney and gained membership through examination to the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists in 2016.

I am so grateful that I have been able to combine my academic and real-world passions to enthusiastically follow a unique, challenging and rewarding career path. I love feeling like I have made a difference at the end of each day. My ultimate mission is to change and save lives."


Dr. Lizzie Davis

BSc BVMS MANZCVS (Behaviour)


Lizzie joined our team in  October 2022.


Lizzie graduated from Murdoch University in 2006 and became interested in behaviour when she could see there were so many patients whose needs were not been addressed.  Her main goal is to see every pet (and their owners) living their best life.


She is the very proud owner of a miniature sliver poodle called “Charlie Boy Lamb Chop” He enjoys bike rides and walks on the beach.


She looks forwards to being able to help you and your special companion.


Dr. Chantelle McGowan
BVSC MANZCVS (Behaviour)

After graduating from the University of Melbourne in 2011, it only took 6 months for Dr Channy to begin conducting behaviour consults under the supervision of Veterinary Psychiatrists. Dr Channy spent 10 years in metropolitan clinical practice, including as a Lead Veterinarian in an ISFM-accredited hospital, before making the leap into industry.
Major achievements while working at Royal Canin include presenting internationally, leading the award-winning Take Your Cat To The Vet initiative and representing Royal Canin ANZ in DEI (including hosting a Diversity Equity and Inclusion podcast) to the Global Mars business.

Dr Channy is now the Treasurer and Partnerships Officer for Australian Rainbow Vets and Allies, and Vice President of The Veterinary Kaleidoscope, bringing their passion for DEI to the Veterinary Profession.
Dr Channy is an Elite Fear Free Certified Coach, committed to education about Fear Free handling for both veterinary professionals and pet owners alike. Culminating a knowledge about animal behaviour and wellbeing over the last >10 years, Dr Channy successfully sat for their Memberships to the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists in Veterinary Behaviour Chapter in 2023.

Dr Channy's 2 cats Mittens & Smudge are constantly teaching them something new about Behaviour and Feline Medicine. Dr Channy lives in Melbourne and travels to work with our exceptional team every other fortnight.


Dr. Carol Mayes
BSc BVMS MANZCVS (Behaviour)

Carol's interest in animal behaviour started after completing Fear Free certification a few years ago.  Making  small changes in how the dogs and cats were handled in the small animal practice where she worked made a huge difference to the behaviour of the dogs and cats  and so she was hooked.  The more she learned, the more interested she became and the more there was to learn.  She had now passed her membership exams in behaviour and gets a huge amount of satisfaction being able to treat animal's mental as well as physical health.


Dr. Anthea Brennan
BVSc (hons), BSc, MScVSc

Anthea is a qualified veterinarian with a special interest and passion for behaviour, mental health and internal medicine in animals. She always had an interest in behaviour even prior to becoming a vet but her true passion for it began when she started fostering dogs and cats. Caring for a variety of pets coming from different backgrounds needing different sorts of support solidified Anthea’s future career direction. 


Prior to her veterinary degree Anthea completed a Bachelor of Science and then a Masters by research which focussed on parasites in cats. Upon completing her veterinary degree Anthea completed a rotating internship at Veterinary Specialist Services in Brisbane. She then started working in general practice in Brisbane where she was able to start seeing behaviour patients and help support pet guardians in giving their pet the happiest life. Nothing makes her happier than helping families understand their pets and help relief any troubles they experience.


Outside of work Anthea likes to spend her time rock climbing, swing dancing and attending circus classes. She continues to foster pets, her most recent being Maisey the cat, a teen mother who had just had and raised a litter of kittens and was ready to go back to growing into a youthful cat herself.


Dr. Ellie Chipperfield

Dr. Ellie Chipperfield graduated from the University of Adelaide in 2018. While working in small animal general practice, Ellie developed a keen interesting in animal behaviour. Ellie loves all aspects of veterinary medicine, in particular working to improve the mental health of cats and dogs. Ellie is currently studying Veterinary Behavioural Medicine to further her knowledge and skills in managing behaviour cases. Ellie loves working with families and their pets and loves to hear about all the amazing adventures that pets get up to!


Outside of work, Ellie has her two own special boys, Ori and Shane, who enjoy bird watching (from the safety of inside) and zoomies at 2am every morning! Ellie looks forward to meeting you and helping you and your pets at Pawly Understood.


Kimberley Nicolle

Kimberley is a qualified force-free behaviour trainer.


Kim became passionate about animal welfare and helping people to better understand their pets after adopting two special needs dogs. She has worked with shelter animals for over 5 years and obtained her Certificate IV in Companion Animal Services with the Delta Institute in 2018.


Kim has an interest in biological sciences and obtained two bachelors degrees from Flinders University in 2012 and 2015. Kim is committed to keeping her knowledge current by attending animal behaviour seminars and workshops.


Tenelle Rosser

Tenelle is a qualified force-free behaviour trainer and Vet Nurse.


Tenelle has a broad scope of educational achievements including a Bachelor of Arts, Graduate Diploma in Education, Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing 2011, Certificate IV in Companion Animals 2017 and has achieved her Fear-Free Certification in 2019.

Tenelle has worked as a vet nurse, taught puppy schools and worked with the RSPCA and Canine Behavioural School. Her professional goal is to strengthen the human-animal bond and improve the life of our animals and those lucky enough to care for them.

She has a stream of foster animals coming through her house - "Every animal I meet is an individual and a teacher. They are all memorable and have a place in my heart".



Bonnie (she/her) is a fully qualified and registered veterinary nurse (Cert IV) as well as a Fear Free Certified individual and puppy pre-school instructor.

Bonnie has worked across a broad range of areas throughout the animal industry for over 5 years. Bonnie has two senior dogs of her own who are both behavioural patients themselves. Although she is interested in many areas her passion lies in behaviour, geriatric care, palliative care, euthanasia/after care and rehabilitation. 

"My favourite part about my job is that I get to be an advocate for those who cannot advocate for themselves. Being able to work closely with both patients and owners through every step of their journey is so incredibly rewarding. I can't imagine myself ever working in another field." 


Irana Storoszczuk

Irana is a qualified force-free behaviour trainer.

Irana has been in the animal welfare industry for the majority of her working life. First starting at the Animal Welfare League SA at 18, then to the RSPCA at Lonsdale for the next 10 years. Over this time Irana became passionate about animal welfare which in turn drove her to seek an understanding of animal behaviour so that she could help transition homeless pets into their forever homes.

Irana has completed her Certificate IV in Companion Animal Studies and strives to further educate herself with behavioural seminars and workshops. Whilst animal behaviour is her passion, so is providing people with support and empathy whilst working through their pet’s challenges.


Charlotte Mathe

Charlotte is a qualified force-free behaviour trainer.


Charlotte has always had a keen interest in learning about the behaviour of animals, which led to her undertaking and completing a Bachelors degree from Flinders University in 2016 and then a Diploma in Canine Behaviour Science and Technology from the Companion Animal Sciences Institute in 2021.


Since Charlotte began working at the RSPCA 6 years ago, her passion of improving animal welfare has grown and she has dedicated herself to helping dogs, including those with special needs, find their forever families. Charlotte shares a home with her own special needs dog, Layla.


Dr. Olivia Bury


Olivia has always been interested in trying to understand how animals think and feel, and how we as owners and vets can help to make their lives as comfortable and safe as possible. However it wasn't until graduating from the University of Adelaide in 2017 that she realised how many dogs and cats needed help, and not until she adopted a special needs dog herself that she realised how important understanding animal behaviour is to the quality of life of pets- and their owners.

Her family includes Allen; her handsome cat, Bailey; a very sassy Rottweiler X Staffy, and Uno; a cuddly one-eyed Staffy who is working very hard to manage her reactivity and hyperarousal. 


Heather Bradley

Heather is a qualified force-free behaviour trainer.

Having experienced all sorts of different training styles having had German
shepherds for many years, Heather was really happy to find the use of positive
reinforcement training while working at Guide Dogs for the Blind in the UK. It is
from them that she adopted her dog Iris, who travelled to Australia with her in
2012. Iris became reactive following a couple of attacks and escalated Heather’s
passion in animal behaviour and science.

Heather spent 10 years at RSPCA, the last 4 setting up and running their dog
training school and she and her current canine companion Paddy could often be
seen out and about promoting force free training around Adelaide. Whilst like all
animal behaviour geeks Heather is always engrossed in educating herself in the
latest science and techniques, she is now pursuing her dream of completing her
formal qualification as a Professional Canine Trainer with the Pet Professional
Guild and undertaking the Diploma of Animal Behavior Science and Technology
through the Companion Animal Institute specialising in dogs and cats.
She is honoured to be working with the amazing team at Pawly Understood to
help as many more animals as possible.


Ana Costa

Ana is a qualified force-free behaviour trainer.

Ana has spent the last 4 years completing her PhD at the University of Adelaide in puppy development and is currently a Trainer and Assessor at the Delta Institute (training the next generation of dog trainers!) as well as teaching budding Veterinarians and Animal Science students at the University of Adelaide. She is a qualified dog trainer (CertIV Companion Animal Services) and is passionate about decreasing the friction between humans and the animals they love.
Ana has previously worked with the RSPCA and spent many years fostering for small and large rescues. Ana has loved her very own little special needs anxious JR x, so she understands the emotional and physical toll these dogs can have on their families and that sometimes the humans need a little emotional support too! Her goal is to help both human and animal live their best life, together.


Emma Hornsey

Emma is one of our receptionists and takes care of our socials.


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