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Feedback from our clients...

"...truly understood our situation"

Dr Carol and the team have been amazing! I highly recommend them. We've been working with them for the last 8 months and our (previously!) very anxious and highly reactive sheltie is so much more happy and at ease within himself. Walks are now way more enjoyable for both of us. In stressful situations and in the face of triggers, our guy is now able to look to me, listen and follow through with our training, rather than react (lunge/growl/bark) uncontrollably. It is like night and day. I still think back to our initial consultation and feeling like Dr Carol was the first person who truly understood our situation. Now I can say she and the team have the solutions too.

Thank you so much Dr Carol and Pawly Understood for helping our guy live his best life!

Bek G

"...our lives have been turned around"

My husband and I purchased a female Dobermann puppy 8 weeks old over 2 years ago. We have had 5 other Dobermanns from puppyhood over a 35 -year period so were familiar with the breed. From the beginning the puppy was growling and biting at intervals, never seemed to settle and was very boisterous. We tried puppy training, obedience classes, and 6 months ago tried Barkbusters who said she was not vicious but very 'dominant'. Her behavior worsened after their water treatment, and it got to the point with her growling and biting that we were considering euthanasia. Our regular Vet advised going to a Behaviour Vet.
We had a thorough assessment with Dr Eleanor Parker and dog trainer Tenelle Rosser from ”Pawly Understood”. Our dog was diagnosed with extreme anxiety and was prescribed medication and specific training. Within a few days we had a loving, relaxed, happy animal and all our lives have been turned around.
I could kick myself for not having gone to seek this help much earlier and saved myself 2 years of angst and worry. I can strongly recommend the “Pawly Understood” Team.

Dr. M B Ayres

"Changed our lives..."

"Pawly Understood have changed our lives. Phoenix is now a happy settled dog that is able to engage with almost all aspects of our lives. My stress levels have drastically reduced and we are now having fun, training and learning together.
We recently adopted our dog Phoenix, who had some pretty major fear aggression and an old injury that had not been treated. Every vet we have seen over the past 6 months said Phoenix was not rehomeable due to his behaviours and was not experiencing any pain due to his old injury.
Enter Dr Carol from Pawly Understood, she took the time to listen, observe and understand Phoenix and his history, she was able to identify that he was experiencing chronic pain and PTSD from his injury sustained when he was a puppy prior to coming into care and being adopted.
Some carefully considered and managed medications has had Phoenix, happy, healthy and seen a major reduction in his fear aggression. So much so he has been able to attend day school and day care. He has also been able to attend and graduate from Grade 1 basic training with 98/100. And looks forward to seeing the staff at his day school and greets them with a happy tail wag and cant wait for his belly scratch.
Yes, he is taking medication daily to assist him, but this has changed him and our lives. He is slowly and positively learning that people are not so scary and his default of barking and growling has changed to watching and showing genuine interest in the people he sees, this has been able to be transferred to multiple environments.
Phoenix and his fur sister Marie are happier and calmer and enjoying life.
We are so proud of Phoenix and forever grateful to Dr Carol and Pawly Understood for their loving and passionate approach to assisting our fur family member have the best life he can."

Andrea, Aberfoyle Park

"Truly care about the animals and the owners.."

"Dr Elle was amazing! She came to help me with issues I was having with my rescue cat Binx. Binx had been displaying some tell tale signs which indicated stress behaviours, having brought Binx into the home with a resident cat and doing all the right things when slowly introducing them I released I needed help. Dr Elle came to see Binx and was so helpful and understanding. She explained everything that was happening in a way that was easy for me to understand and helped provide a plan with things I could do to help Binx and Mickey in thr home. Binx was also put on medication to assist with his general anxiety and life for them has been better ever since. I could not recommend the team at Pawly Understood enough! They truly care about the animals and the owners."

Alicia, Allenby Gardens

"Highly recommend"

"We contacted Pawly Understood after recommendations from two vets and a trainer after our border collie pup displayed some behavioural issues. Dr Elle and Irana, one of her trainers, were excellent. They took a very detailed questionnaire before visiting our home, then spent hours working with and then assessing our pup. Dr Elle listened and observed intently and I felt that no stone was left unturned before she made her diagnosis. She then laid out a number of treatment options and gave us time to think about them and discuss them before deciding on what path to take..She was so kind and helpful explaining everything, and so lovely with our dog. Irana gave us some helpful training strategies to use with our pup. Her written and verbal explanations were clear and excellent. After implementing them we saw improvements in our pup very quickly. I wish human doctors could explain a diagnosis and treatment plan as thoroughly and compassionately as Pawly Understood do! Highly recommend."

Louise, Adelaide

"Money well spent..."

"Elle was very responsive when I first contacted her. The home consultation includes a detailed history taking and advice both considering medical and psychological causes for my dogs symptoms. A detailed report and plan was drafted and tests advised and organised for me. Elle was the only vet to consider a medical cause was contributing to my dogs symptoms and it turns out she was right. Elle really listens to you and considers all possibilities. She is very knowledgeable in terms of medications and treatments. I was also given further resources to read up on. Thanks so much to Elle and Pawly Understood. Money well spent and a much happier and healthier dog."

Kristin, Adelaide

"...friendly, encouraging and so positive..."

"We contacted Pawly Understood after some issues with aggression and separation anxiety in our rescue dog. The whole team has been friendly, encouraging and so positive - which was much needed after some stressful incidents! I had a good conversation with Kim on the phone who made me feel a lot better, before booking with Tenelle to come to our home. Tenelle was so fabulous - clearly very knowledgeable with a genuine care for dogs. She took the time to get to know us and our dog, and has given us so much to consider and work with. I recommend Pawly Understood with no hesitation and will definitely work with them again as we continue to help our dog."

Laura, Burnside

"Strongly recommend"

"After only a few visits, Elle has educated us on the behaviours of our anxious dog Zoe. She has provided us with direction and options to care for her needs, which has helped her to become happier and more comfortable in her every day surroundings. We would strongly recommend Elle to any pet owner for peace of mind and a better understanding of their dog’s behaviours"

Jordan, North Plympton

"Finally able to sleep"

"We would like to thank you Dr Parker. Comet is finally able to sleep all night without waking up and going outside to bark at nothing, waking all of our neighbors and everyone in our house. Comet seems to be a much happier dog. We are so grateful for your service"

Jodi, Christies Beach


“Dr Elle Parker's knowledge and skill in working with dogs with special needs is exceptional. Elle’s approach to identifying the issues and setting up management plans that she adapts as situations change provides a constant support to us. Her compassion and empathy for dogs and humans is remarkable."

Mandy, Mt. Barker

"Max's saviour!"

“Elle was my 2 year old Aussie Shepherd Max’s saviour! She thoroughly reviewed his recent anxious behavior and recommended the best treatment plan for him and within a week we saw such positive change and 4 weeks on he’s back to his old independent fun loving self, which we are so grateful for especially with a baby on the way!"

Cara, Athelstone

Cute  Beaglier

"Lovely to work with"

"We were referred to Dr Elle by our vet. She has helped our rescue dog Charlie’s anxiety so much. He is now much happier and less fearful than when we first got him.

Elle is lovely to work with and obviously cares about her doggy patients. She is generous with her time and knowledge, and very forthcoming with follow-up information and support.

We recommend her highly!"

Pamela, Semaphore


"Marked improvement..."

"We noticed a marked improvement in our 15 month old pup after assessment and diagnosis from Dr Elle.

A very low dose of medication was enough to help calm our dog's reactivity and allow her to relax. A follow up assessment has helped calm her anxiety to the point where we can now take her on short walks with minimal encouragement."

Sharon, West Lakes Shore

Whippet Dog

"Highly recommend..."

"Dr Elle is understanding, passionate about improving the mental health of our pets, and incredibly knowledgeable. If you want to see a non-judgmental, professional, caring behaviour specialist then she is your woman! I highly recommend Pawly Understood.

Tracey, Largs North

2019-03-29 17-55-26.JPG

"Truly cares about the animals.."

Just had our first visit with Dr Elle. Absolutely lovely person who truly cares about the animals.


Cat in Basket

"Strategies that work..."


The team at Pawly Understood have a wealth of knowledge and provide strategies to manage behaviour that actually work and the ongoing support that I haven't received elsewhere. I wish I came across them years ago.

Aimee, Enfield

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