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Client Feedback

"Strongly recommend"

"After only a few visits, Elle has educated us on the behaviours of our anxious dog Zoe. She has provided us with direction and options to care for her needs, which has helped her to become happier and more comfortable in her every day surroundings. We would strongly recommend Elle to any pet owner for peace of mind and a better understanding of their dog’s behaviours"

Jordan, North Plympton


“Dr Elle Parker's knowledge and skill in working with dogs with special needs is exceptional. Elle’s approach to identifying the issues and setting up management plans that she adapts as situations change provides a constant support to us. Her compassion and empathy for dogs and humans is remarkable."

Mandy, Mt. Barker

"Max's saviour!"

“Elle was my 2 year old Aussie Shepherd Max’s saviour! She thoroughly reviewed his recent anxious behavior and recommended the best treatment plan for him and within a week we saw such positive change and 4 weeks on he’s back to his old independent fun loving self, which we are so grateful for especially with a baby on the way!

Cara, Athelstone

"Lovely to work with"

"We were referred to Dr Elle by our vet. She has helped our rescue dog Charlie’s anxiety so much. He is now much happier and less fearful than when we first got him.

Elle is lovely to work with and obviously cares about her doggy patients. She is generous with her time and knowledge, and very forthcoming with follow-up information and support.

We recommend her highly!"

Pamela, Semaphore

"Marked improvement..."

"We noticed a marked improvement in our 15 month old pup after assessment and diagnosis from Dr Elle.

A very low dose of medication was enough to help calm our dog's reactivity and allow her to relax. A follow up assessment has helped calm her anxiety to the point where we can now take her on short walks with minimal encouragement."

Sharon, West Lakes Shore

"Highly recommend..."

"Dr Elle is understanding, passionate about improving the mental health of our pets, and incredibly knowledgeable. If you want to see a non-judgmental, professional, caring behaviour specialist then she is your woman! I highly recommend Pawly Understood.

Tracey, Largs North

"Truly cares about the animals.."

Just had our first visit with Dr Elle. Absolutely lovely person who truly cares about the animals.


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"Finally able to sleep"

"We would like to thank you Dr Parker. Comet is finally able to sleep all night without waking up and going outside to bark at nothing, waking all of our neighbors and everyone in our house. Comet seems to be a much happier dog. We are so grateful for your service"

Jodi, Christies Beach