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Behaviour Education and Training

Dr. Elle Parker is passionate about disseminating scientific, up to date behaviour information to those in her profession and beyond.

Within the profession Dr. Elle can provide the following:

  • Behaviour seminars for vets and vet nurses

  • Clinic based learning for triaging and diagnosing behaviour problems

  • 'When to refer' seminars

  • Correct use of medication

Dr. Parker is experienced in delivering content to:

  • Veterinary practices

  • Tertiary students

  • Vet nursing students

  • Pharmaceutical companies

  • Council staff 

  • Radio and television

Our experienced trainers are available for education and training at:

  • Schools

  • Universities

  • Councils

  • Kindegarten

  • Any business or profession that interact with animals and are looking for formalised training

Pawly Understood and the general public:

Pawly Understood can offer:

  • Seminars and webinars

  • Key note speaking at functions or events

  • Expertise for online content producers

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