How does it work?

Do you keep my regular vet informed?

Yes – we work with your regular vet as part of a team. We can send them updates and copies of reports and treatment details as required so they are always in the loop.

Do you use only force-free and positive techniques?

Yes - of course! The use of fear and punishment in behaviour modification and training is inappropriate, out-dated, unethical, anti-scientific and dangerous - leading only to worsening of anxiety and aggression. We will never support nor recommend the use of fear or force in modifying behaviour. Our techniques are based on science and a thorough understanding of the underlying problems and diagnoses. That is why they are effective.

Do you use medication?

Yes – if it is indicated. 

If a medical diagnosis / psychiatric disturbance is found to be the cause for a behaviour problem, medication may be recommended for your pet where appropriate. 

Medication if used, will always be in combination with behaviour management and modification as part of a holistic health plan for improvement. 

I’m keen to proceed, what’s the next step?

If you would like to go ahead and book a consultation, please let us know so we can schedule something for you ASAP. There can sometimes be a waiting time of several weeks for cases that are not deemed emergencies.

We will send you some e-forms so that we can get your details on file.

We will also send a questionnaire and some pre-consult reading material closer to the time of your consult. 

What does it cost? What are your fees and charges?

Please contact us for a quote. Fees vary with services provided.

What are your consulting hours?

Veterinary behaviour consults are available Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 

Training and behaviour modification consults are available on weekdays and Saturdays.

Where are you located?

We come to you and consult in the comfort of your home.