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Dog on Blue

Our Services

We assist pets of all shapes, sizes and life-stages with behaviour problems. We can help with everything from simple training problems to complex psychological issues and psychiatric disorders. 

If your pet is suffering any of the problems listed or any other undesirable behaviours please get in touch so we can help you, your family and your pet.

  • General fear and anxiety

  • Panic disorders

  • Storm / firework phobia

  • Aggression and reactive behaviour 

  • Social fear (fear of people or other animals)

  • Hyper-activity

  • Separation-related distress

  • Abnormal repetitive behaviours / obsessive compulsive disorders (eg spinning, tail-chasing, light/shadow chasing)

  • Post-traumatic stress 

  • Excessive barking

  • Destructive behaviour

  • Escaping 

  • Toileting issues / house soiling

  • Sleep disturbances (restlessness / agitation / trouble settling)

  • Sensory problems (noise and tactile issues)

  • Training and learning problems

  • Cognitive dysfunction/dementia

  • Chronic Pain

Feline Services

Our feline friends can exhibit very feline-specific undesirable behaviour. We have helped scores of cats and their owners repair their relationships.

Geriatric and end of life care

Dr. Elle Parker has a soft spot for geriatric pups. It is highly likely the older companion in your life, be it cat or dog, may be suffering pain or discomfort. We can assist with making their final months or years as comfortable as possible.

Euthanasia and Cremation

Our beloved pets are our family, and when it comes time to say goodbye the emotional toll can be enormous. If you feel this time is near, we can help - carefully and compassionately. We offer an in-home service.

Dangerous Dog Assessment

For dogs under council orders or mandates, often an assessment is required by a qualified trainer and/or veterinarian. We are experienced in dealing with these scenarios.


Dr. Elle Parker is passionate about educating others in behaviour science and how it applies to the animals in our lives. Seminars, webinars, clinic talks and content creation are just some of the educational services on offer.

Fear-Free Grooming

It is clear that many pets suffer fear and anxiety in grooming settings which can be highly stressfull for pets, owners and groomers. We aim to provide a service to minimise the stress for all parties.

Vet Services and Resources

Veterinarians click here. For information about vet to vet consults, medication reviews, behaviour guidance and any other enquiries.

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