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Fear Free Grooming

Fear Free Grooming is here!

Does your pet suffer from fear and anxiety when going to the groomer? Is it impossible for your pet to be clipped? Is this causing problems in you or your pet's life? We have a solution...

  • Pawly Understood provides a veterinarian supported grooming service for pets with high levels of stress, fear and anxiety when being clipped

  • You pet will be assessed and provided with medication prior to attending the clinic for a groom

  • Once at the clinic, the vet will administer further sedation to allow our nurse to complete a 'functional' groom of your pet

  • A functional groom is not a show groom and it will not conform to breed standards. It is simply to get the coat off of the pet for comfort and hygiene purposes

  • Take the stress out of caring for you pet's coat and contact us today to discuss functional, fear-free grooming

Trimming the Fur
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