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About the consultation

  • Please note that upon our arrival, we will ignore your pet. This is so we are as non-threatening and non-stimulating as possible. Once your pet has had a chance to habituate to our presence, we may interact with them, if we can do so safely and calmly.

  • If possible, please have space at a table where our team member can sit with you for ease of discussion and note taking.

  • We encourage as many household members to be present for the consultation as possible. This is helpful for information gathering and ensuring that everyone receives the necessary information from us so that everyone can be on the same page going forward.

  • During the consultation, please ensure that your pet remains appropriately restrained/distanced to stop them freely approaching or interacting with us if they are likely to do things such as jumping or mouthing. This can be distracting for both our team member and pet owners during conversation and we do not want to allow your pet to rehearse undesirable behaviour.

  • We recommend setting your pet up for success by providing them with long-lasting enrichment during the session. This will help to keep them entertained and occupied while we are not actively engaging with them. Food stuffed Kong toys, treat dispensing devices, long-lasting chews like pigs ears and lick plates are all great ideas.

    • *If food is not a trigger for aggression in your pet

Pre-Consultation Questions

Our goal is to ensure you get as much as you can from your time with us. We also want to ensure that everyone stays safe and that we cause as little stress as possible to your pet.

Please answer the questions below to assist us:

3. Is there any chance of your dog reacting in a fearful/aggressive manner towards our team?
IMPORTANT: Do you agree to have your pet restrained on a lead or confined to a separate room/outside upon our arrival?

Thanks for submitting. We look forward to your upcoming consultation.

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